About us

The coordinator and main psychotherapist is Lua Sáenz del Castillo.

Lua has gained her 3 academic degrees (Bachelor and Masters) and over 10 professional training and qualifications in Spain, UK and Argentina.

She studied several innovative psychotherapeutic currents: EFT, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Gestalt Art  Therapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Positive Psychotherapy, Trauma Brain Integration Techniques, etc.  Counting on her resume with master’s degrees, psychology majors and multiple complementary training courses.

Lua Sáenz has over 15 years of experiences working as a clinical psychologist. Over the years, she has practised many branches of psychotherapy and has created her unique method which combines Gestalt Psychotherapy, Cognitive Psychotherapy, Trauma Brain Integration Techniques and Emotional Freedom Techniques. The combined method has proven to significantly reduce the patient engagement time and increase the discharge rate.

She now practise her methodology in Spain, as well as giving online consultations and facilitates workshops abroad.