Gestalt Art Therapy

Gestalt Art Therapy was born in the 60s thanks to the work of Janie Rhyne. Rhyne developed a new therapeutic approach based on the integration of Gestalt psychotherapy and art therapy.

This type of psychotherapy understands artistic expression as a means of communication that provides expressive and creative channels to the person other than the verbal to strengthen their personal development and her relationships within her midst.

As you know, since many years ago, creating artistic expression has been recognized and used as a therapeutic tool that many people use to cope with their problems by developing skills and resources to solve them.

To create is an action that leads us to understand our own reality, transforming our inner world. Its transforming power lies in the creative process. This creative process is itself a method to extend the range of human experiences. In Gestalt art therapy the client integrates the creative process with a verbal component and reflection that leads them to generalize their learning to other important areas of their live.

Gestalt art therapy is in no way intended only for artists and potential artists, or those who show an interest and a natural talent in artistic creation. It is addressed to all people who want to feel better, know more about themselves, and learn to resolve the inevitable difficulties that arise along the passing of life.

Throughout the process of psychotherapy the client will use different materials, such as paint or clay among others.
Sessions are approximately one hour long.