Gestalt Psychotherapy

Image of a woman jumping over the sand

Gestalt Psychotherapy has an integrated holistic vision of the human being, enhancing their affective, intellectual, sensorial, social, spiritual, emotional and physiological dimensions. Its psychotherapeutic techniques bring the client’s difficulties to the here and now, facilitate awareness of their problematic or troubling feelings and find a solution or relief from these problems, focusing on the client’s present state.

Gestalt therapeutic techniques generates awareness of internal aspects of the person who may not be realizing exactly what it is that is impeding the achievement of their personal goals, or creating difficulties with people around him, with his work, with his learning, with himself.

Using gestalt techniques prompts  the person to be responsible for their internal contradictions generating the desired integration between what they think, feel and do, providing an internal coherence to achieve personal goals, improve relationships and ultimately feel better about themselves.