EFT – Tapping

Emotional Freedom Techniques, EFT- Tapping are techniques based in the discoveries of the energetic and holistic psychology.

EFT is a powerful tool that release the emotional distress very effectively. It has proven a success rate of 80-95% of all types of problems related to emotional blocks.

The EFT was born in the 90s and was systematized by Gary Craig, disciple of the psychologist Roger Callahan who had established its bases.

He discovered that emotional distress is related to an energy imbalance in our body, and therefore if we eliminate the energy imbalance it will generate the unblocking and emotional release on the issue that is making us suffer, and could solved any kind of emotional problem.

The EFT procedure consists in stimulating with the fingers some acupuncture points while you focus in your thoughts and emotions about the problem you want to overcome. Using this simple technique unlocks the energy of that emotion in your body and the discomfort disappears.

Thus, many problems that previously had to be treated for months or years using conventional psychotherapy, can be reduced or resolved in a few sessions using EFT.