Psychotherapy is a type of psychological treatment that is performed by a specific methodology and various psychological techniques used throughout the process of communication between psychologist and client. The process of psychotherapy works on the personal, relational and environmental factors that are negatively affecting the client’s life or those close to them.
There are different types of psychotherapy. In Adecys we work with Cognitive Psychotherapy, Gestalt Psychotherapy, Energetic Psychotherapy (EFT-Tapping) and Art Therapy. In the following sub-pages you will find detailed information about them.
Psychotherapy sessions last approximately one hour and can be performed by any of the various methods detailed in “access options”: online and one-on-one.

What kinds of problems are treated in psychotherapy?

The most common are:

⇒  Anxiety, Panic, Obsessions, Depression and Stress.
⇒  Eating disorders: obesity, bulimia, anorexia, binge eating.
⇒  Psychosomatic disorders: hypertension, ulcer, gastritis, chronic fatigue etc.
⇒  Sleep Disorders
⇒ Addictive behavior
⇒ Sexual Difficulties: impotence, anorgasmia, etc..
⇒ Couple conflicts
⇒ Family conflict

What is the main goal of psychotherapy and what benefits would result from it?

The main goal is the disappearance and resolution of symptoms and conflicts with the improvement of quality of life.

The benefits gained from psychotherapy sessions are:

• Disappearance of the above symptoms: anxiety, depression, stress, different types of disorders or conflicts etc.
• Develop a greater awareness and understanding of yourself.
• Improve your personal and working relationships.
• Achieve positive changes in different areas of your life.
• Overcoming major stages of personal crises: the death of a loved one, divorce and other major crises.